Inspired by His confidence, Jonna Marie exploits her musical gift to evoke the real and raw emotions of her momentous life experiences. At the intersection of pop and Christian, the 22-year old singer, songwriter and musician expresses her vulnerability with a delicate spunk – a vibe inspired by artists like Lauren Daigle and Julia Michaels. Jonna finds purpose in sharing her growing pains to inspire those seeking a deeper meaning in life. Although Jonna’s reversion to the Catholic faith plays a significant role in her storytelling, a mindful balance allows the home-grown New Yorker to connect her music with those inside and outside the community of faith. Several of Jonna’s songs have been featured on SiriusXM’s Catholic Channel, accompanied by exclusive interviews on the Jennifer Fulwiler show.    


Jonna Marie recognized her passion for music at the early age of 10. She is a self-taught guitarist, pianist and early-stage audio-engineer. Jonna has received vocal coaching from notable industry professionals that have worked with artists such as Brielle Von Hugel, Askery, Jax, and more. Although she dabbles with her own music production, Jonna enjoys the art of collaboration while bringing her stories to life. Up until 2017, Jonna was invested in a journey of self-discovery. Throughout this time, she immersed herself in personal writing and production while recording solo cover songs and sharing music through her local band, the MJs. 


In July of 2018, she released her debut single, More To Me, revealing the story of her first time falling in love. Jonna soon learned that this love ultimately had an expiration date which led her to finding God, a love greater than anything she ever knew. Jonna proclaims, "It's all in His hands. Nothing on this earth alone can fulfill that desire of happiness we each have in our hearts" and that "We must use the gifts He has given us to glorify and praise Him."  


On April 12th, 2018, Jonna followed up with the release her debut EP - Darkness Lights, which illustrates the emotional story of her rapid conversion to the Catholic faith. A year later, she released her second single, Calvary, which describes the wounds and sufferings that she has faced throughout her journey.


This past May, Jonna released a new single, taking listeners through her emotive experience of fresh scars and a failed relationship.